Give your veggie drink a twist

Just as we thought we were over green drinks MIMO Blend makes them interesting again.

Grab a cup. Grab a spoon. Start picking your favorites. The new Upper East Side addition MIMO Blend feels like being a kid in a self-serve candy bar.

The tiny store, which is short for “Make-it-my-own”, allows you to do exactly that:

Mix over 70 fresh and natural ingredients to your liking or try some of their recommended recipes for bowls or blends.

Veggies, fruits, berries, seeds, nuts and all the boosters you can dream of – it it is time to try out those new super foods.

Boost the benefits

One of our favorite things about this shop is that they organize their ingredients by benefits to make sure you get what you need right now.

Want some ideas? The New York Lifestyle will be back with a MIMO-inspired mixing guide for your next green fix.

987 Lexington Avenue, Upper East Side

Feel good. Look good.



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