There IS a formula for happiness! …and it just got updated…

In case you didn’t notice: the formula that determines our happiness level has been tweaked. Now we know exactly what to do…


The hunt for happiness (and discussions about work-life balance) seems to be everlasting in the City. The over-the-top careers, high living costs, status symbols and work-hard-play-hard-sleep-when-you’re-dead mentality seems to drive many into a spiral of constant performance.

But guess what? It seems like we should let that be for a while.  Because happiness comes down to one thing according to the latest research findings:

Do you feel like you have more, less or the same as the people around you at this very moment?

This factor is called ‘In the moment Inequality’ and was recently included in the formula. Why? Because how we perceive this increases or decreases our level of happiness, scientists say.

This article in Huffington Post gives you the full picture Researchers may just have discovered what really makes you happy.

The good news?

You control your happiness! Whether you feel like you are experiencing inequality is largely determined by your expectations. And you can learn to manage those.

The bad news?

This is probably harder to do in a city like New York where there is always someone who does more or has more.

Feel good.

(image source: University College London)

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