Souping is the new juicing

Goodbye juice cleanse. Hello soup cleanse.


souping is the new juicing

It was bound to happen. As fitness-focused New Yorkers kept hearing about how their beloved juice cleanse could damage their metabolism and spike their blood sugar they were bound to loose interest. In the juicing, that is. Not cleansing (of course?!).

And so New York welcomes a new trend: Souping aka soup cleansing. A phenomenon influential enough to be covered by the  New York Times.

Like juicing – only better

… or so they say.

Some of the hardcore soup cleanses are surprisingly similar to the juicing regiments to be honest. You consume a mix of 5-7 liquid meals over the course of a day. Supposedly this provides you with enough calories to keep the metabolism going.  Meals means alkaline beverages, broths, soups and nut milks.

Here is what is different:  First of all, you get to chew (!). Second, while juicing strips away the fibers, souping leaves them. According to the manufacturers this makes the soups healthier and you fuller. Simply put, you aren’t taking away the good stuff (the fibers) and leaving the not-so-good-stuff (the sugars). Plus, you get more complex carbohydrates since the soups are mostly veggie based. So, the proponents claim souping gives New Yorkers the cleansing they want, in an easier and healthier way.

Or just a juice cleanse in disguise?

Brooklyn-based Splendid Spoon offers a moderate version. One day a week you do a cleanse (five liquid meals) and then you replace five meals with soups over the course of a week. Other companies like Soupure and Skinnysouping offer from one to five day cleanses. Be advised that the longer versions might feel like a juice cleanse in disguise. They can be pretty hard core.

While some experts argue that souping is a better alternative to juicing other worry about the liquid diets in general. You might want to read about these 6 potential dangers before jumping on the trend.

Feel good (???). Look good.


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