3 wellness-boosting bee products

Bee products are nutritional power packs that can help you keep up your a-game.


Raw honey

‘Unprocessed sugars’ is a standard New York term these days and raw honey fits right in. It’s sugar the way the body wants it and needs it. Pure. Simple. Natural.

Hey, Djokovic actually gave it partial credit for how he won his grand slam yesterday. His morning routine is a glass of room temperate water followed by two spoons of raw honey.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is often describes as the ‘secret juice’ that nurtures the queen bees, filled with amino acids, vitamin B’s, fats, minerals and proteins.

People use it as an anti-aging health tonic that they either consume or apply directly to skin or scalp.

Royal jelly is even the basis for one of the best natural products around, Egyptian Magic. Loved by industry experts and celebrities alike – it actually works wonders for skin, hair and nails. It’s actually kind of like magic: egyptianmagic.com

Bee pollen

An ancient, holistic remedy loved by health food store regulars because it is extremely nutrient dense and provides long-lasting, healthy energy. It is packed with amino acids, essentials fats, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and many people claim that is a powerful healer (but the science has yet to prove it).

Feel good. Do good.




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